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Author: Darlene Henderson

What To Know On Bleaching Your Hair

With the generation right now, having your hair colored is not a new thing anymore. And now it’s a style and a part of the fashion of every person. You can just go to a salon and get them or do it at home but do you know how it works? Or do you have any idea on what is the ratio of bleach to developer? If you plan to get lighter hair color, then you firsts need to know about bleaching it.

Bleaching is a way to get your dark shaded hair into a light one like blonde or white so you can apply different colors. It’s important to do that because other colors will not take effect as soon as you apply it and it’s just like mixing black colors. Now, there are many brands of bleach and developer (10 – 40 Volume) out there that you can use and there are some that are already mixed as well that you can buy in stores. As for me, I want to do it personally is I’ll know next time if there is something I need to change. I’ll tell you everything I know about bleaching especially if it’s your first time.

I tried different products to use, some of it is not that effective and some are really good but the most I use is the L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach and L’Oreal Oreor 30 Volume Creme Developer even today. It cost me around $30 for both of them which are affordable for me. So when mixing your bleach and developer, it should be 1 part bleach and 2 parts developer for example 2 oz bleach and 4 oz developer. That is the best ratio to do it because if you put too much bleach or developer the color may not work and your skin will be irritated that can cause problems. I’m using 30 Volume developer since my hair is all black but if you’re new to this you can use the 20 Volume.

Ratio of bleach

Whether you have short or long hair, the ratio will still be the same. It will just depend on your measurement because that will be based on the length of your hair. That’s why I want to do it so I can calculate the oz of what I mix. If you feel that your mixture is too wet you can add more bleach but only gradually. Make sure to always wear gloves as well when you’ll be starting because the mixture has powerful chemicals and your skin may react to it.

Once you created your mixture apply it to your hair but be careful about putting too much on your scalp because you will feel the heat. I estimate it that I start around 1 mm from my scalp because when it’s all done you may feel your head is burning and it’s itchy. After you have put the bleach all around your hair, you can cover it with a shower cap so that it will dry easily. Or you can just let it be and wait to dry. You can leave at your hair for around 30 -1 hour but don’t leave it too long because that can do damage. You can also check the label of the product you bought to see how long can it stay

After it’s dried up, rinse it with water and make sure there is no residue. You can shampoo it to make sure it’s all rinsed. Moreover, your hair should be lighter then but if you want to make it even lighter you can do it again for the second time but I won’t suggest doing it a third time. Once the color of your bleach is all good, you can apply the color you want. I hope this will help you greatly and I was able to answer some of your concerns on bleaching.

How to attract clients to a beauty salon: methods and ideas

Beginners and existing entrepreneurs are interested in how to attract customers to a beauty salon without much cost and effort. We answer: no way. You still have to invest a little of your own energy into the business, but in this article we will show you the most advantageous ways to increase your client base and increase profits.

How to quickly attract new customers

Be sure to use social media!

All practical guides on how to attract new clients to a beauty salon recommend determining which sites your target audience is sitting on, and then actively promoting on them. Facebook, Instagram, VK, Odnoklassniki – choose any site and create a community. To get the most out of it, follow the plan :

  • Think over the selling design . It must be stylish and attractive (you are advertising a beauty salon after all), as well as maximally convey the client’s benefits from visiting you.
  • Post photos in the “before / after” style , people choose a beauty salon based on the work of the masters, inform subscribers about new promotions and discounts.
  • Make a content plan. The main thing is not to scare off a potential buyer with a huge number of posts, but also not to let him forget about your existence. The optimal number of posts is 3-5 per week. Come up with categories that your subscribers might find interesting and fill the group with useful content.
  • The easiest way to attract customers to a beauty salon is to create an open group sales survey. Ask what service your subscribers need right now. Look at the poll results and email everyone who voted. Offer a small participation bonus and remind you of existing services.
  • Give the opportunity to sign up for your services without leaving the social network . Research based on customer behavior in the largest 8000 stores shows that customers who prefer to sign up via social media are more loyal than phone signers.

Remember that social networks love communication and the group itself will not bring crowds of customers. But with the right approach and active interaction with subscribers, you will achieve good results.

Think over a system of bonuses and subscriptions

People love to save money and get services at a reduced price. Use this! You can quickly attract clients to a beauty salon using:

  • Well thought out bonus system. Turn on your imagination or use one of the proven methods. Offer the accumulation of bonuses for visiting the salon or make a discount on purchases of a certain amount. The most popular system: free 4th, 5th, 6th haircut or any other service.
  • Bonuses for referring friends. Many salons practice a referral system: brought a friend – got a good discount. This way you can maintain relationships with old clients and get new ones.
  • Profitable subscriptions. Let your clients buy, for example, 5 visits to the beautician at a time with a good discount. Or pick any other option. The main thing is that the price for the subscription is slightly lower than the cost of 5 visits to the beautician separately.

You can give bonuses without much damage to your budget. Cute branded chocolates, a bottle of good alcohol for a client’s birthday, or any other nice gift will also help create a good impression of you and attract customers.

CRM systems help to identify key customers, remind about upcoming birthdays and make it possible to automate the registration of subscriptions and certificates.

Some CRMs have a built-in flexible loyalty program that allows you to introduce a bonus, discount or referral system to motivate customers to visit more often and spend more.

Landscaping: Simple and Budget Garden Decorating Techniques

The personal plot is a great field for creativity and interesting ideas. Landscaping is available not only to professionals, everyone can be a landscape designer and create an amazing and unique creation from their garden that everyone will admire. And the owner of the creation himself is pleased to relax in a wonderful garden fairy tale, made by his own hands.

How to make an original masterpiece from a garden plot so that a beautiful garden later becomes a source of pride for its owner? This may surprise you, but in fact, it doesn’t take much effort. There are simple and budget methods for decorating your garden.

Method 1. Create a garden module.

What is a garden module? A hole is made in the paving of tiles, in which an original flower garden or any other beautiful composition of various ornamental plants is created. Before building the site, you can even think about the places in which the garden module will then be made. Such a composition will be a very effective garden accent. The part of the garden where even the smallest module is located is visually enlarged.

You can choose decorative shrubs or plants for yourself on this page .

Method 2. Using water elements.

Decorating your garden with water elements is one powerful and impressive technique. Your garden will be completely transformed, even with the smallest water project. To create a small pond, you can use a plastic container, baby bath, or plain plastic wrap. They are simply dug into the ground. If you don’t want to tinker with a pond, then make a small fountain.

An important point in the construction of any water body is not the object itself, but the line of its coast. Everything will depend on how you arrange it.

No desire to mess with water – make it appear. Use pebbles, colored gravel and glass, flowers to create a “dry” reservoir. And you will have an original symbol of water – a beautiful pond or stream.

If you want to order an artificial reservoir from professionals, you can do it here .

Method 3. Curly trimming of shrubs and trees or topiary.

Recently, it has become very fashionable to make various figures from decorative trees and shrubs. This method is called topiary in landscape design. Professionals in this field transform plants into amazing different forms, showing real art. But, all we need is to carry out a simple curly trimming, which can be done by hand. You just need a desire to create and interesting ideas.

Method 4. An ordinary stone can also become a unique decoration.

So a seemingly simple stone, how can it decorate? If you walk into a Japanese-style garden, you will be surprised how beautiful and unusual the atmosphere can be created by the complexes of stone and plants. Nature itself, with which no other landscape designer of the planet can be compared, lays out exquisite and unique landscapes from stones.

The stone will successfully replace expensive retaining walls and at the same time create an original relief in your garden. It is enough just to pick up stones of different sizes and form any beautiful compositions from them, adding plants and flowers if desired. Anything that your imagination tells you.

Method 5. Creating a stylish flower garden.

Add a zest to the creation of a new flower garden – your bright and new idea. Use any original forms when decorating a flower garden. For example, you can plant flowers that frame a small reed fence, or you can form a flower garden in the form of a word from letters. An interesting idea is to create a picture of flowers, or grow them in a small boat, or a wheel from under a cart. Come up with something that would not be “like everyone else.”

There are still many different methods to decorate your garden and make it unique: installing inexpensive garden accessories, creating an original composition of flowers and plants, installing beautiful supports and stylish containers, giving the garden an exotic touch with plants that look exotic.

Do not stop there, invent and create. You will definitely get your own unique and magnificent masterpiece from the garden.

How to make your office ideal for business

Office interior design performs several tasks. Employees should be in a comfortable, comfortable environment, but the atmosphere should motivate them to work. The premises where negotiations with partners, customers or buyers are taking place should maximally reveal all the advantages of the company, its potential, and maximize the success of your negotiations.

When designing an office, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • the specifics of the customer’s activities;
  • the number of employees;
  • presence or absence of a constant flow of customers;
  • interaction between different departments of the company;
  • whether employees work individually or in a group.

There are three types of office space organization: open, closed, and combined.

An open type of office space allows you to save both on capital construction and repairs and on electricity consumption, air conditioning and other engineering and technical communications. The big “plus” is the ability to freely add or remove jobs. Working groups are separated from each other by partitions. This zoning allows you to make the most of your limited workspace. An important plus for the manager is the ability to control all employees. In practice, the most common type of office is combined. Ordinary employees sit in a common space, divided by partitions into separate functional areas. Senior management and accounting work in separate offices.

Place departments that are functionally interconnected in one common room.

Leaders need to remember that while people engaged in a common business, but seated in different offices, it will be very uncomfortable to interact with each other. The common room is most comfortable for sales staff, customer service and technical support specialists, as well as designers and architects. Their offices are almost always a shared studio.

Ergonomics in the office.

According to SanPiN , about 5 square meters are provided for one person. In reality, not every company, especially with a limited and expensive space, can afford it. The result is congestion and overcrowding of jobs. In this case, psychologists recommend that the employer, even in a limited area, create conditions in which people, on the one hand, feel like a single team, and on the other hand, preserve their personal space.

The main problem in open-plan offices is soundproofing.

Partitions can cut off sound. They are often made of double-glazed windows. The height of such partitions is 1.2–1.5 meters. At the level of a seated person, they create a separate area for a specific working group, do not spread the sound further. Nobody bothers anyone. The need to divide the common space depends on the specifics of the work of the employees. Creative groups do not need to be fenced off with partitions. They constantly have a general discussion. People interact, work on one common task, and partitions will only get in the way. But, for example, an open type is completely unsuitable for a law firm. Her activities involve private conversations, private consultations. The cabinet system is more suitable for ensuring confidentiality of negotiations.

Head office.

Its design is usually based only on the taste of the leader. Interior design can tell a lot to visitors. It gives a characterization of the owner. The most important diplomas, certificates and awards of the company should be hung. Or photographs of the largest, most interesting, important projects, victories, discoveries, company affairs. You can put photos of the family. Immediately you understand that in front of you is a reliable person, firmly on his feet. If your business is associated with creativity, beauty and design, then your office must be tastefully made, modern and interesting enough. If you have a large company, according to the rules, you need to make your own toilet with a shower and a lounge, with a wardrobe, where there can be a spare suit, and other clothes.

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