Beginners and existing entrepreneurs are interested in how to attract customers to a beauty salon without much cost and effort. We answer: no way. You still have to invest a little of your own energy into the business, but in this article we will show you the most advantageous ways to increase your client base and increase profits.

How to quickly attract new customers

Be sure to use social media!

All practical guides on how to attract new clients to a beauty salon recommend determining which sites your target audience is sitting on, and then actively promoting on them. Facebook, Instagram, VK, Odnoklassniki – choose any site and create a community. To get the most out of it, follow the plan :

  • Think over the selling design . It must be stylish and attractive (you are advertising a beauty salon after all), as well as maximally convey the client’s benefits from visiting you.
  • Post photos in the “before / after” style , people choose a beauty salon based on the work of the masters, inform subscribers about new promotions and discounts.
  • Make a content plan. The main thing is not to scare off a potential buyer with a huge number of posts, but also not to let him forget about your existence. The optimal number of posts is 3-5 per week. Come up with categories that your subscribers might find interesting and fill the group with useful content.
  • The easiest way to attract customers to a beauty salon is to create an open group sales survey. Ask what service your subscribers need right now. Look at the poll results and email everyone who voted. Offer a small participation bonus and remind you of existing services.
  • Give the opportunity to sign up for your services without leaving the social network . Research based on customer behavior in the largest 8000 stores shows that customers who prefer to sign up via social media are more loyal than phone signers.

Remember that social networks love communication and the group itself will not bring crowds of customers. But with the right approach and active interaction with subscribers, you will achieve good results.

Think over a system of bonuses and subscriptions

People love to save money and get services at a reduced price. Use this! You can quickly attract clients to a beauty salon using:

  • Well thought out bonus system. Turn on your imagination or use one of the proven methods. Offer the accumulation of bonuses for visiting the salon or make a discount on purchases of a certain amount. The most popular system: free 4th, 5th, 6th haircut or any other service.
  • Bonuses for referring friends. Many salons practice a referral system: brought a friend – got a good discount. This way you can maintain relationships with old clients and get new ones.
  • Profitable subscriptions. Let your clients buy, for example, 5 visits to the beautician at a time with a good discount. Or pick any other option. The main thing is that the price for the subscription is slightly lower than the cost of 5 visits to the beautician separately.

You can give bonuses without much damage to your budget. Cute branded chocolates, a bottle of good alcohol for a client’s birthday, or any other nice gift will also help create a good impression of you and attract customers.

CRM systems help to identify key customers, remind about upcoming birthdays and make it possible to automate the registration of subscriptions and certificates.

Some CRMs have a built-in flexible loyalty program that allows you to introduce a bonus, discount or referral system to motivate customers to visit more often and spend more.