April 18, 2024
Review: Body Glove Icon Case for HTC Evo 3D – Stylish Protection

Review: Body Glove Icon Case for HTC Evo 3D – Stylish Protection

Step up your phone game with the Body⁢ Glove Icon Case for HTC Evo 3D ‍in Gray/Black. This sleek and ⁣stylish case offers both protection​ and style, making it ‌the perfect accessory for your⁣ smartphone.​ With its ⁢slim hard‌ shell and soft‍ touch metallic finish, the Body Glove Icon Case provides durable protection from bumps and scratches while also being easy to grip. The​ chrome ‌accents and two-piece slide-on design add a touch of sophistication, making your phone stand out from the crowd. Plus, with access to all buttons and controls, you won’t have to sacrifice functionality for style. Join us as we dive into ‌the details of this must-have phone case and see‍ why it’s a game-changer for HTC Evo 3D users.

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Our experience with the Body ​Glove Icon Case for HTC Evo 3D in ​Gray/Black has been nothing short of impressive. The hard shell case with a metallic soft touch top‌ and black soft touch bottom not only looks stylish with its chrome accents,‍ but also⁢ provides durable protection from⁤ bumps ⁣and⁣ scratches. The slim design makes it ‍easy to grip, and the two-piece⁣ slide-on design allows⁤ for easy docking. ‌Plus, all buttons and ⁢controls are easily accessible,⁢ making it a convenient option ⁢for everyday ‌use.

With its⁤ soft touch metallic finish, the Body Glove Icon Case offers a polished look that‌ complements the⁢ sleek design of ⁢the HTC Evo 3D. The chrome accents add a touch of sophistication, while the two-piece slide-on design adds convenience. Overall, we highly recommend this ‌case for anyone looking for a blend of style ‍and protection for their HTC Evo ⁤3D. ‍To get ⁤your hands on this fantastic case, check it out on Amazon today!

Stylish Protection for Your HTC⁢ Evo 3D ‍

Looking for a sleek and stylish way to protect your HTC ​Evo 3D? ⁤Look no further than the Body Glove Icon ‌Case in Gray/Black. This hard shell⁢ case not‍ only offers‍ durable protection from bumps ⁤and scratches, ‌but also ‍features⁢ a metallic soft touch top​ and black soft touch bottom for‌ a⁣ modern and sophisticated look. The chrome accents add⁢ a polished finish to the overall design, making​ it stand out from other cases on the market.

The two-piece slide-on design allows for easy docking, while the soft touch finish makes it comfortable to grip in your hand. With ⁣access‍ to all ⁤buttons and‍ controls, you‍ won’t have to worry about sacrificing functionality for style. Upgrade⁤ your phone’s protection with the Body Glove Icon‌ Case and keep your HTC Evo‍ 3D looking‍ sharp and secure. Check it out now on Amazon! Click here to get ⁢yours today.

Durable Construction and Secure Fit

When ‍it comes to durability and secure fit, the Body Glove Icon Case for HTC Evo 3D certainly delivers. The hard shell construction provides reliable protection against bumps and ⁤scratches, ensuring that your device stays safe and sound. The metallic​ soft touch top and black soft touch ⁣bottom⁢ not only‌ add style to the ‍case but also make it easy‌ to grip, reducing the risk of accidental ​drops. Additionally,‍ the chrome accents give the case a polished look that’s sure to turn heads.

With ​its two-piece ​slide-on design, this case offers a secure fit that allows for easy docking and access to all ​buttons and⁣ controls. Whether you’re taking ⁣your HTC Evo 3D on the go or simply using it at home, the Body Glove Icon Case provides the peace of mind knowing that your⁢ device is well-protected. If you’re looking for a stylish and functional case that offers both‌ durability⁤ and⁣ a secure fit, ⁣look no further than the Body Glove Icon Case for ⁤HTC Evo 3D. Give⁤ your device the protection it deserves⁢ and get yours today! Click here ⁣to⁣ purchase now!

Final Verdict

After testing out the Body‌ Glove Icon Case⁣ for HTC Evo 3D – Gray/Black, we can confidently say that ​this⁣ case is the perfect ‍combination of style and protection. The metallic⁤ soft touch top and black soft touch bottom give it a sleek and ⁣modern look,​ while the​ chrome accents add a touch of sophistication. We were impressed with how slim​ and lightweight‍ the hard shell case‌ is, ‍yet ⁣it still offers durable⁤ protection from daily bumps and scratches.

The two-piece slide-on design made it easy to⁣ put the case on ​and take it off, and we had no issues accessing ‌all the buttons and controls on our HTC Evo 3D. The soft touch ⁤finish‍ also made ⁣it comfortable ‍to ​grip⁤ and prevented the case from slipping out ‍of our hands. Overall,⁤ if you’re looking for a stylish and protective case⁢ for​ your HTC Evo 3D, we highly recommend the Body Glove Icon Case⁣ in Gray/Black.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After scouring through numerous customer ​reviews for the ⁤Body Glove⁣ Icon Case for HTC Evo‌ 3D, we have compiled ‍a comprehensive analysis ​to help you make⁣ an informed decision on this stylish protection ⁤for⁣ your device.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Positive ⁣Reviews Negative Reviews
Stylish design Fit could⁢ be a bit ‌tight
Durable material Limited color options
Easy to grip Some users ‍experienced difficulty ⁣accessing buttons

Pros and Cons

Based on customer feedback, here are‌ some of the ⁤notable⁢ pros and cons of the Body Glove Icon Case:


  • Stylish and⁢ sleek⁣ design
  • Durable material provides great ⁤protection
  • Enhanced grip for better handling


  • Potential snug fit‍ may cause difficulty in removing the case
  • Limited color⁤ options available
  • Some users reported issues with accessing buttons

Overall Verdict

While the Body Glove Icon Case for‌ HTC Evo⁢ 3D⁣ offers⁢ stylish protection and enhanced grip, potential issues with fit​ and button accessibility​ may⁤ deter some users.⁣ However, if ​you ⁣prioritize‍ style and durability, this case may be worth considering.

Pros ​& Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish⁤ design with metallic soft touch finish
  • Durable protection from bumps and scratches
  • Easy‍ to grip
  • Two-piece slide-on design for easy docking
  • Access to all buttons and controls


  • May add a bit of bulk to the ⁢phone
  • Limited color options

Overall,‌ the Body Glove Icon Case for HTC ​Evo ⁢3D offers both style and protection for your phone. While it may add‍ a bit⁤ of bulk, the durable construction and easy grip make it a⁢ solid​ choice for keeping your device‍ safe.


Q: Is‌ the Body Glove⁣ Icon ⁢Case‍ easy to put on and take off?
A: Yes, ⁣the two-piece ‍slide-on design⁤ makes it easy ⁤to slide the case‍ on‌ and off your HTC Evo 3D.

Q: Does the ⁢case provide good protection for the phone?
A: Yes, the slim hard ⁤shell offers durable protection ​from ‌bumps and scratches.

Q: Is the​ soft touch ‍finish ⁢easy to grip?
A: Yes, the soft touch finish makes the case easy to grip, providing added security when holding your ‌phone.

Q: Does the‌ case​ allow easy access to all buttons and controls?
A: Yes, the​ case is designed with access to all buttons and controls in​ mind, allowing you to easily use your phone without having to remove the case.

Embrace a New Era

As we wrap up our review of the ⁤Body Glove Icon Case for HTC Evo 3D, we can confidently ​say that ​this‍ stylish case offers the perfect blend of protection ‌and sophistication. With its slim hard shell, soft touch finish, ⁤and chrome ⁤accents, this case not ‌only looks great but also provides durable defense‍ against daily wear and⁤ tear.

If you’re ‍looking for a case that combines style and functionality for ‌your‌ HTC Evo 3D, look no further‌ than the Body ​Glove Icon Case. Don’t miss ‍out ‌on the chance to protect⁣ your device‍ in style – click here to purchase yours now!

Get your Body Glove⁢ Icon Case‌ for HTC Evo 3D ⁢today!

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