April 18, 2024
Spokane Wall Clock: Modern Elegance for Every Room

Spokane Wall Clock: Modern Elegance for Every Room

Welcome to our ⁢review ​of the Howard Miller Spokane Wall‍ Clock 625-450! This modern and stylish ‍wall clock is a must-have for ‌any home or office looking ‌to⁢ add a touch of elegance to their decor. With its brushed aluminum finish, ‍flat glass crystal, ‌sturdy metal ⁤frame, and classic black accents,‌ this ⁣clock is sure to make a statement on any wall.

Howard Miller, a ​company ⁤known for their commitment to ⁣quality and ⁢craftsmanship,​ has outdone themselves ‍with ‍this‍ piece. The clock features quartz movement⁤ for ⁤accurate timekeeping‍ and‌ a silent ⁢ticking mechanism for a⁤ peaceful environment.

At 15.75 inches in diameter and 2 inches⁣ in depth, this clock is the perfect size to ​be a focal point in any room.⁣ Whether ⁣you ⁢choose to display it in ‌your⁣ kitchen, ‌office,‍ bedroom, or living ⁤room,⁢ the Howard Miller Spokane ‌Wall ‍Clock is sure to impress.

Stay tuned as‍ we dive deep into the ‍features, durability, and⁢ overall quality of the Howard Miller ⁣Spokane Wall Clock 625-450 in our comprehensive review.‍ Let’s find out if this clock lives up to Howard Miller’s reputation for excellence.

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Our Spokane Wall⁣ Clock ‌by Howard Miller is‍ a sleek and‌ modern addition to any home.‌ With its brushed aluminum metal case‌ and large black Arabic numerals, this clock offers a‌ clean and contemporary​ look ‍that ⁢is ⁣sure to enhance ‍any room’s⁤ decor.⁣ The‌ flat glass crystal and sturdy metal⁤ frame ensure durability, making ​it perfect for any busy household. Measuring 15.75 inches in‌ diameter ​and 2 inches ‍deep, this clock is powered by quartz movement ⁣and‌ requires one AA battery (not included).

Howard Miller’s commitment to⁣ quality is evident in all their products, and this wall ⁣clock is no exception. The high-quality design ensures ​that you can easily⁢ read the time from anywhere in the room. With a classic black accents and a white dial, this clock is both functional and stylish.⁤ Whether you hang it in your kitchen, office, bedroom,‍ or living room, the Spokane Wall Clock⁢ is sure to make a statement. Don’t miss out​ on this timeless piece – get yours today!

Impressive design and ​construction

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Upon ⁤receiving the Howard Miller‍ Spokane Wall Clock, we​ were immediately impressed by ⁣its⁢ design and construction. ⁢The brushed aluminum metal case gives it a modern​ look that would complement any ‍decor ‌style. The flat glass crystal and flat rim add a touch of sophistication, while the large black ‍Arabic numerals make it ⁣easy to read the time from a distance. It’s clear that this clock is not⁤ only aesthetically ‌pleasing but also built ⁢to last.

The sturdy metal frame of the clock provides durability, making it suitable for use in high-traffic areas such ⁤as the kitchen, office, or living ​room. The high-quality quartz ​movement ensures accurate timekeeping, ⁣while the black hour, minute, and second ⁢hands stand out against the ‍white dial. ⁤With ‌dimensions⁤ of 15.75 ​inches in diameter and 2‍ inches in depth, this Howard Miller‌ wall clock is the perfect addition to any room. If ⁣you’re ⁢looking for a reliable and stylish timepiece,⁤ we highly recommend checking out ‍the Howard Miller Spokane Wall Clock here.

Noteworthy features​ and functionality

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Our‌ Spokane Wall Clock​ is ‍not only a stylish addition to any⁢ room in your home, but it also boasts some noteworthy features that​ set it apart from the rest.⁤ The​ durable metal frame ensures that this clock is ⁣built ⁢to last⁤ in even the busiest of households, giving you peace of‌ mind that ⁤your decor investment will stand the test ⁣of time. The high-quality ‍construction⁤ of this clock is evident in the⁤ design details, such as the large,⁤ easy-to-read Arabic ⁢numerals and contrasting ​black hands‌ on a crisp white dial.

In ⁢addition to‍ its durability and high ⁣quality, this‍ wall clock also offers ​the convenience of quartz movement, ensuring precise timekeeping ⁤without the distracting sound of chimes. With a generous diameter of ⁣15.75 ⁤inches and a slim 2-inch depth, this clock is the perfect size to make a statement without ⁢overwhelming​ your space. Bring a touch of modern sophistication to ⁤your home with our‍ Howard Miller Spokane Wall​ Clock ‍- click​ here ‌to purchase and see for yourself!

In-depth ‌analysis and recommendations

The Howard ⁤Miller Spokane Wall Clock ‍is a stylish⁣ and​ modern addition to any room.‍ The brushed aluminum metal case and large black ⁤Arabic numerals ‍give it a clean and contemporary ​look. The sturdy ⁢metal frame ensures durability, making‍ it ‍perfect for a busy⁣ household.⁣ Whether ⁤you‌ place‌ it in the kitchen, office, bathroom, bedroom, or living ‍room, this clock ‍will stand out and add a touch of sophistication to ‌your decor.

With ⁤its high-quality construction and​ quartz movement, this clock is not only aesthetically pleasing but also​ functional. ‌The circle design and large numerals ​make ⁤it easy to ​read ⁢the time from anywhere in the room. Measuring⁤ 15.75 inches in diameter‌ and 2 ⁤inches in depth, this clock is the perfect size to make a statement ‌without overpowering the space. Don’t‌ miss out‌ on​ the ⁢opportunity to enhance your⁣ home with the Howard⁢ Miller Spokane Wall Clock​ – click here to make your purchase​ today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer ‌Reviews​ Analysis

After analyzing ‌the ​customer‌ reviews for ‌the⁣ Howard Miller ⁣Spokane Wall Clock 625-450, we have gathered ⁢valuable insights that can help you make an informed decision before ⁢purchasing this product.

Positive Reviews

Needed⁤ a large, easy to read clock‍ for the⁣ office and this is⁤ perfect. Clock looks good ⁣and keeps perfect time.
Great looking clock! Has worked flawlessly for ⁤many months now with several ‍friends/family commenting on its appearance. Super easy to read from any angle.
The brushed stainless⁢ rim does NOT⁤ leave finger marks/prints. Looks a LOT ‍more ‌expensive and better than⁢ what‌ the‌ pictures portray.
In⁢ addition⁣ to a pleasant buying⁢ experience – quick shipping, well⁤ protected ‍packaging and a ‍product that matched​ its photo. I have to give the clock 5 stars because it does what it is supposed to do — keep accurate time.
Its exactly what⁤ we were looking for! My husband has problem ⁢with his‍ eyesight so he ⁤loves it. Its large but not too ⁣big.
Lo compre para mi mama sobre todo por que es un reloj grande con grandes numeros ⁣y manecillas, es excelente, funciona ⁤muy bien‍ y es muy bonito. Se excelente como decoracion ademas.
Great product for the price.

Negative Reviews

I bought this clock because it ‌was easy to read from a distance. Just what I was looking for. Easy ⁤to set up​ and hang ‍up. It lasted all of one month. The second hand and hour hand work but the minute hand​ somehow came loose and no longer works.
Its exactly what we were looking for! My husband ​has problem with his eyesight so ⁤he loves ⁣it. Its large but ‌not‍ too big.
It ticks ⁣too loud! I hear it at night in my upstairs ⁢bedroom. It’s ⁤good quality, glass and metal, ⁤and looks classy but ⁢I really can’t stand‌ the loud tick. ​I will have to return it unfortunately.
The material used is very cheap. The dial ⁢is just a cheap piece of paper ‌which⁤ don’t even lay flat… 200% disappointment for a clock of​ this price.

Take into consideration both ‍the positive and negative aspects highlighted in the customer reviews ‌above before making your final⁤ decision.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Modern and⁣ elegant design
2. Brushed aluminum metal case
3. Sturdy metal frame ⁣for durability
4. Large, easy-to-read Arabic numerals
5. Quartz movement for accurate timekeeping


1. Battery ⁣not⁤ included
2. No chimes for ‌those who prefer an‌ audible clock

Overall, the ‌Howard⁣ Miller Spokane ‍Wall Clock 625-450 is⁢ a ‌stylish and durable option for any room in your home. Its modern design and high-quality construction make it a great ​addition to any decor‌ scheme. However, if you prefer ⁣a⁣ clock that ⁤chimes or includes a battery, you may​ want to consider other options.


Q: Is the Howard Miller Spokane Wall Clock ‌625-450⁣ loud‍ when ticking?

A:⁤ No, this wall clock features ⁢a quartz movement that creates ​a soft ticking ⁣noise, making it​ perfect for a quieter ⁤environment.

Q: ​Can this clock be‍ used in a high-traffic area like a kitchen?

A: Yes,⁣ the sturdy metal frame of this clock is designed to ​withstand the wear and ⁤tear of a⁣ busy​ household, making it suitable for use in areas like the⁤ kitchen.

Q:⁤ Does this clock come with a warranty?

A: Yes,⁣ Howard Miller offers‍ a warranty on their products to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. However,‍ please note ⁤that ⁢the warranty is available exclusively‌ through authorized retailers.

Q: What type of battery does this clock require?

A: This wall clock requires⁢ one AA sized battery, which⁤ is not⁤ included ‍with the ⁤purchase.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Howard ⁤Miller Spokane ⁢Wall Clock 625-450?

A: The ‍diameter of⁣ this​ clock is ⁤15.75 inches (40 cm)​ with a⁤ depth of 2 ⁤inches (5 cm), making ⁢it a stylish ‍and functional ‍addition to any room. ⁢

Experience the Difference

As we wrap up our review of‍ the Howard Miller Spokane⁢ Wall Clock,⁣ we can​ confidently say that this modern and elegant timepiece is a must-have ⁤for any room⁣ in your ⁣home. With its brushed aluminum finish,‍ sturdy metal frame, and classic​ black‌ accents, this clock is not only stylish but also ⁣durable.

Howard Miller’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in every detail of this ​clock. The quartz ⁢movement ‍ensures accurate timekeeping, while the large Arabic numerals ⁢make it easy to read ‌from anywhere in the room.

Whether you choose to display it in your kitchen, office, bedroom, ‌or living ⁢room, ⁢the Spokane Wall Clock is sure to be a timeless addition to your decor. Don’t ⁤miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning piece.

To purchase the Howard Miller Spokane Wall Clock and add ⁤a touch ​of ⁤modern elegance⁢ to your home, click ‍here: Buy Now!

Thank you for joining us for ⁤this review. Remember, ⁣time‍ is​ of the⁢ essence⁤ – make every moment count with the Howard Miller Spokane Wall Clock!

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