April 13, 2024
Unveiling the Leviton Lamp Holder: A Bright Idea for Your Kitchen!

Unveiling the Leviton Lamp Holder: A Bright Idea for Your Kitchen!

Welcome to our product review blog! Today, we’re excited to share our experience‌ with the Leviton 5634-GY 15 Amp, 120/277 ⁢Volt, Decora Brand Style Single-Pole, ​AC Combination Switch, Commercial Grade, Grounding, Gray. This versatile⁢ switch combines style ⁤and‌ functionality, perfect for both residential and⁤ commercial use.‌ Join ‌us ⁤as we ⁣dive into the details of⁤ this high-quality Leviton product⁤ and discover what sets it apart from the rest. ​Let’s get started!

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When⁣ it comes to reliable electrical switches, the Leviton 5634-GY ‌surpasses⁣ expectations. Designed for commercial use, this single-pole ‌combination switch​ is built to⁣ handle heavy-duty ‍electrical circuits with ease. ⁤The grounding ⁣feature ensures safety and peace of mind, while the‍ sleek⁣ gray‍ design adds a touch ⁣of modern style to any⁤ space.

With a 15 ​Amp capacity and compatibility with both 120‌ and 277 volts, ⁤the Leviton 5634-GY is a versatile​ option for any ⁢commercial setting. The Decora​ brand style ‌switch is not‌ only functional, but also easy to use ⁤with its simple turn knob ‌access. Trust ⁣in Leviton’s reputation for quality and durability when you choose the ⁢5634-GY for your electrical needs.

Brand Leviton
Amperage 15 Amp
Voltage 120/277​ Volt

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Key Features and Highlights

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When it comes to the of this Leviton ⁢5634-GY 15 Amp switch, ⁣there’s a lot to love. First ⁤off, its versatile design ⁢allows for ⁤use with both residential‌ and commercial‍ applications, making it a‍ truly versatile option for any ⁣space.‌ The commercial-grade construction ensures‌ long-lasting​ durability,⁣ while the grounding feature provides added safety and⁤ peace of mind.

Another standout​ feature is the Decora Brand Style Single-Pole design, which not ⁣only adds a modern touch ⁤to any room‌ but ⁤also‍ allows for easy and intuitive operation. The 120/277 ‌Volt capability ensures compatibility with⁤ a wide range of electrical systems, while the sleek gray finish adds a subtle yet stylish touch to your space. Overall, the ‍Leviton 5634-GY switch⁤ combines practicality, safety, and style all in one, making it a must-have for any home or business. Visit the link below to make this switch a ⁣part of your space today! Check it out on Amazon.

In-Depth Analysis and Insights

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When it ​comes to the Leviton 5634-GY combination switch,⁤ we ⁤were⁣ truly impressed with the⁣ level of‍ quality and functionality this product offers.⁣ The commercial-grade ⁢construction and grounding feature ​ensure durability and safety, perfect for heavy-duty applications. The sleek Decora Brand‌ Style ⁤design⁤ adds a‌ touch of modernity‌ to any space, making it not ⁢only practical but also visually‍ appealing.

What sets⁢ this switch apart is its ​versatility​ in voltage compatibility, allowing for use in both⁢ 120V and‍ 277V systems. ⁣The 15 ⁢Amp capacity provides reliable performance, while ⁢the single-pole configuration makes it easy‌ to operate. Installation is a breeze with the included mounting hardware, and the ⁢gray finish seamlessly blends in with any decor. Overall, ⁢we highly recommend the⁢ Leviton ⁢5634-GY‍ combination switch for⁣ anyone‍ in need of a reliable and stylish electrical solution. Ready to upgrade ​your space? Check it​ out⁣ on⁤ Amazon⁣ now!

Recommendations and Conclusion

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After thoroughly testing the Leviton 5634-GY switch, ⁤we are pleased to say⁢ that⁤ this product meets and even exceeds our ‍expectations. The ‌commercial-grade quality⁤ is evident‌ in its sturdy construction and‌ reliable performance. The grounding feature adds ⁢an extra layer of safety, giving us peace of ⁣mind knowing that our ‍electrical system⁤ is protected.

The​ Decora Brand style of the ‍switch gives ‍a modern touch to ⁣our decor, ​seamlessly blending in with our surroundings. The ease of installation was also a huge plus, making it a hassle-free upgrade‍ for our ​space. ‌Overall, we highly recommend ⁣the⁣ Leviton ‌5634-GY ⁤switch for‌ anyone looking ⁤for a reliable ‍and stylish solution for⁢ their electrical needs. Don’t miss out​ on the opportunity to enhance your ⁣space with this ‍top-notch product‍ – check it out on ⁣Amazon ⁣now! Get yours‍ today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Leviton 5634-GY Decora Brand Style Single-Pole Switch,⁢ we have found that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.​ Here is⁢ a summary of the key‍ points from ‌the reviews:

Key Points
I chose the gray color for my⁢ bathroom. It‍ looks nice ​and so far⁢ works well.
Extremely pleased by the quality and durability of ⁣the light switch.
Easy to install and works great for upgrading to⁢ a more modern look.
Works well and looks nice.
Perfect double switch for ‌over sink light⁣ and under sink incinerator.
Exact match to the switch needed to ‌be replaced,⁤ fast shipping, and reasonable price.
All ​units work great and received items quickly.
Exactly what was ⁣needed.

Overall,‍ customers have praised⁣ the ⁣Leviton 5634-GY switch ⁢for its quality, ease of installation, and⁤ modern‍ look. ‌It seems to be a ⁢reliable⁢ and stylish choice for upgrading your lighting ⁤fixtures. However, some customers have mentioned that it would ⁢be ‍beneficial to include ⁢more detailed installation⁣ instructions with the product.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Commercial Grade: The Leviton Lamp Holder is designed ‍for heavy-duty use, making it perfect for commercial spaces.
  • High Voltage Compatibility: With a capacity of up to 277 volts, ⁤this⁢ switch can⁣ handle a wide range of electrical systems.
  • Grounding: The⁢ grounding feature ​ensures⁢ safety and provides‌ protection against ⁣electrical hazards.
  • Stylish Design: The ⁣Decora⁢ Brand ⁣Style adds ⁢a touch of⁢ elegance to any space, making it a great addition to your kitchen décor.
  • Durable​ Construction: Made ⁤with a phenolic body and aluminum shell, this switch is‌ built to last.


  • Complex Installation: Some users may find the 3-terminal screw ⁣terminal​ and set ​screw mounting system difficult​ to install.
  • Limited Color Options: While the⁤ gray ⁣color may be sleek, it may not suit every kitchen color ⁣scheme.


Q: What sets the Leviton Lamp Holder apart from​ other lighting fixtures ‍on the market?

A: The Leviton ⁤Lamp Holder is ‌not your average lighting fixture‌ – it’s durable, reliable, and ⁣built to last. With a commercial-grade construction and grounding capabilities, you can trust that this lamp holder ⁢will ‌stand the test of time in your kitchen. Plus, its⁢ sleek gray color and Decora brand style add a touch of modern elegance to‍ any space.

Q: Can​ the Leviton Lamp ‌Holder be easily ‍installed by‌ someone with limited electrical ‌experience?

A: Absolutely! The ‌Leviton⁤ Lamp Holder⁢ is designed for easy⁣ installation, even for ⁣those with limited electrical ​experience. With clear instructions and a simple ‌single-pole switch ‍design, you’ll have your new lamp​ holder up ‌and running in no time.

Q: ‌Is ⁢the Leviton Lamp Holder⁤ compatible⁣ with⁢ all types⁢ of light bulbs?

A: The Leviton Lamp Holder is designed to accommodate incandescent lamps‌ with a maximum wattage of 250W and a voltage‌ rating of 250V. It’s also equipped with a medium base and three-terminal screw terminals for easy bulb​ installation. So whether ⁤you prefer⁤ soft, warm​ lighting or ​bright, white light, the Leviton Lamp Holder has you covered.

Q: How does the Leviton ‍Lamp Holder compare to other commercial-grade‌ lighting fixtures on the market?

A: The‍ Leviton Lamp Holder stands out from the competition with its durable phenolic body, aluminum shell, ‍and thermoplastic knob.​ Its ​brass components add a ‌touch of elegance and‌ sophistication to your kitchen, ⁣while its⁣ polished gilt finish adds a timeless touch. And with UL and CSA certifications, you ⁣can trust that this⁣ lamp holder meets the highest safety and quality standards.

Q: Overall, would you recommend the Leviton⁤ Lamp Holder to others looking⁢ to‌ upgrade their kitchen⁢ lighting?

A: Without a doubt! The ⁢Leviton Lamp Holder is a bright idea for anyone looking to enhance their kitchen‌ with‍ a reliable, stylish, and durable⁢ lighting fixture. ⁤Its commercial-grade construction, grounding capabilities,⁤ and‍ modern design make it a top choice for any⁣ kitchen renovation​ project. Trust us – you won’t be disappointed with​ the ​Leviton Lamp Holder.

Embody Excellence

We hope you ‍enjoyed learning about ​the Leviton Lamp Holder and⁤ Leviton 5634-GY Combination Switch ‍in⁤ our blog post today. ⁣With these‌ high-quality products, you can brighten up​ your kitchen and add a ‍touch of style and functionality‍ to your space.​ Don’t miss out on ⁤the opportunity​ to ⁣upgrade your‌ home with Leviton’s innovative solutions!

If ⁤you’re ready to take your kitchen lighting to⁣ the next level, ⁣click here to ⁣purchase the Leviton 5634-GY 15 Amp, 120/277 Volt, Decora Brand Style Single-Pole, AC Combination Switch in Gray. Illuminate‌ your⁣ space with ease!

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